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Munkmarsch on Sylt

At the small marina, white masts rise into the sky, the tides dictate the rhythm and a gentle breeze lightly whiffs over the mudflats: Munkmarsch is Sylt’s maritime idyll

If you stroll along the mudflats today and enjoy the tranquility of Munkmarsch Bay, it seems hardly conceivable that this cosy village was once the gateway to the island: until construction of the Hindenburgdamm in 1927, summer visitors could only reach Sylt by sea. Steamships from the mainland set course for the Munkmarsch harbour, and from there people travelled further per island railway. As one can imagine proceedings during that time where rather exuberant, whereas today you can leave your cares behind and savour the serenity of Munkmarsch - or the flavour of the many specialties in one of its gourmet restaurants.

Now that the small private marina provides a landing stage for sailboats, the bay has become an idyll which is also gladly utilised by surfers. If you want to give it a go and make your first windsurf attempts, you'll find an ideal area here in the protected harbour. And from the water you also have the most fantastic view of the White Cliff that extends northwards along the mudflats. Be inspired by the maritime lightness and experience the most natural of all anti-stress treatments.


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