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Morsum on Sylt

The impressive Morsum Cliff with magnificent rock formations shines on the easternmost tip of the island, and traditions of lively everyday life are set amidst blooming heathland and lush meadows: 
Morsum is the island’s rural gem.

If you ever want to walk through the geological history of the past 10 million years, you should walk along Morsum Cliff. The over 20 metres high rock formation extends for 1,800 metres. It is due to Ice Age displacements that the layers which rest in the darkness of the earth elsewhere shine in various colours in the rising sun: black mica clay, red limonite sandstone and white kaolin sand. Fantastic views of the mudflats and the thatched Frisian houses of the cosy village are repeatedly opened up to you during hikes through the broad heathland.

And if you do not know why “gallows” are necessary on Sylt, the natives of Morsum – who have fostered the tradition of “Ringreiten” (“Ring Riding”) to this day – will gladly provide information, whether it is while you enjoy a piece of homemade Frisian torte or during events in the “Muasem Hüs” (“Morsum House”), the centre of the village. Set off in search of the roots of the island’s history – living ‘sprouts’ still grow here.

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