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Keitum on Sylt

Frisian houses in the shade of old trees accommodate gastronomic and handcrafted treasures, and the splendour of bygone times mixes with the colourful radiance of blooming gardens: Keitum is the Frisian jewel on the mudflats.

While walking through winding paths and hidden trails you will be repeatedly fascinated by idyllic spots and stop in front of picturesque gardens. Former “captain’s houses” are strung together, framed by traditional Frisian dry stone walls and chestnut, beech and linden trees that are hundreds of years old. The shop windows under the thatched roofs of exclusive boutiques invite visitors to go for a stroll, while cosy tearooms entice with home-baked pastries and galleries exhibit works by insular and international artists. Outstanding chefs reinterpret Frisian dishes, and creative artisans give traditional jewellery production a finishing touch here. 

If you are on the go in search of the chequered history of the village, you will encounter Sylt’s lifestyle culture of the 18th century in a very lively manner in the “Old Frisian House” and discover many treasures in the local museum’s extensive collection. Incidentally, you can not only experience Saint Severinus, Sylt’s oldest church, with your eyes: the organ concerts are staffed with top-class international musicians who are known far beyond the island’s borders. But despite all the variety you should always do one thing: walk along the mudflats – your mind will be beautifully clear.

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